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Trendier than the most expensive wallpaper… handmade, artisanal, old-world beauty… a breathtaking conversation piece that isn’t just hanging on your wall… it IS your wall!

Venetian plaster, or stucco veneziano in the original Italian, is an extravagant, high-end decorative finish for interior walls dating back hundreds, even thousands of years of Italian craftsmanship. A serious upgrade from regular paint, Venetian plaster can add a subtle accent to an already tastefully decorated room, or a mesmerizing shimmer of brilliant colour and drama that commands your eyes to drink it in.

Traditional Italian lime plaster comes in light to medium pastels or off-whites, and can be built up in layers to deeper colours, then polished with wax to a deep gloss, giving it the translucency of ancient marble. Recently a synthetic version has emerged which contains the same properties of a high-quality latex acrylic wall paint, and can be tinted to almost any colour you can imagine, then sanded and hand-burnished with blue steel to a mirrorlike gloss. Look. Touch. WANT!

Since 2009 we have been carefully experimenting with the application of synthetic Venetian plaster, honing our skills and developing our artistic eye to create wall surfaces that look and feel incredible. Here’s what we will do for your Venetian plaster accent wall:

  • consult with you to choose a colour for your Venetian Plaster accent wall
  • light colours will match an existing wall more closely, for a subtle effect
  • deeper colours vary widely from what you picked: 50% of the plaster will appear lighter,
  • 25% about the same colour, and 25% darker
  • the best colours for deep gloss are vivid or dark blues, greens, and purples
  • consider an average wall height of 9′ (nine feet) and wall length of 14′ (fourteen feet) for
  • best fit within a regular-sized to large room
  • taping, dropsheeting, and polyethylene-wrapping surrounding furniture and fixtures as necessary
  • minor repairs to nail holes, screw anchor holes, etc. as required
  • priming the accent wall with colour-keyed primer as required, to create a baseline that
  • enhances the plaster’s colour
  • applying synthetic Venetian plaster, in the single colour of your choice, in one of the following patterns:
  1. Traditional wide-knife smooth
  2. Contemporary right-angle
  3. Artistic concentric
  4. Other custom patterns and multicolour blends are also available
  • Sanding and hand-burnishing with blue steel, as required, to your choice of one of the following finishes:
  1. Low-lustre satin with additional protective clearcoat (light or dark colour)
  2. High-gloss (light or dark colour)
  3. Ultra-high gloss (medium to dark colours only)
  4. full cleanup and removal of job-related waste
  5. Pricing begins at $8 per square foot.

Whether you’d like to bedazzle your master bedroom with a Venetian accent wall behind your headboard… make the fireplace wall in your great room a scintillating conversation piece… add drama and distinguishment to your home office… or wow your guests with an incredible main floor powder room… treat yourself and your home to the breathtaking old world style of timeless Venetian Plaster, courtesy of New Approach Painting.