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It was inevitable. Producing work of impeccable quality year after year, job after job, we at New Approach Painting have taken inspiration from the best of the décor we’ve seen and the imaginations of the people we’ve encountered along the way. As such, we’ve channeled those inspirations into the development of some premium custom colours.

Rather than keep this beauty exclusive to ourselves and our clients, we are taking a new approach– our premium custom colours are available to you no matter what, even if you’re painting yourself! Contact us and we’d be delighted to share with you our colour formulas or give you a sample card. Combine your inspiration with ours to create something new and unique.

Information, colour, and beauty want to be free; they deserve to be shared. It’s our New Approach, and for us, it’s the only way.

NAP-002 Beechwood Brown (Companion to NAP-001 Clair Creek Cream)

The inspiration for this colour stemmed from an amalgamation of the dark brown part of a classic brown-and-cream exterior colour scheme for the Kitchener-Waterloo area. K-W exteriors have been painted brown and cream for a hundred years, and this scheme has been revitalized every generation– it’s now a timeless classic, whether it’s a hundred years old on Wellington St., sixty years old on Frederick St., thirty years old on Craigleith Drive, or brand new on your home!

Beechwood Brown makes for a striking interior contrast when brought indoors. I recommend retaining the semi-gloss finish of the exterior and using it sparingly on one or two walls of a room, as a more stately foil against other bold, dominant colours.

(Pictured here against Sherwin-Williams Heartthrob wall, ICI Diamond White crown moulding, original hand-plastered ceiling, and clothier’s frame)

NAP-003 Urban Clay

A matte or satin finish in this original colour warms a well-lit bedroom and provides a local 519 flavour to enhance stone grays currently trending among Ontario decorators and high-end homebuilders. In this older home, Urban Clay balances the variances in white and wood. When applied, its colour mirrors wet clay drying with a strange accuracy.

NAP-004 Gentledark (stain)

The quintessential way to lovingly update quality-built oaken cabinetry found in so many older Kitchener-Waterloo homes. The colour formula for this stain is unique in that it works backwards from a stock black, adding deep red hues with undertones of gold. Recommended as a stain for oak or high-grade hardwood only.

NAP-004 Gentledark

Gentledark as extended past cabinetry into open hutch shelving. (Pictured here with Sherwin-Williams Brilliance White on walls and ceiling, NNAP-002 Beechwood Brown on wall and trim, and copper cookware)

NAP-005 Sand Shimmer in a pearl (slightly glossier than eggshell, but less than semi-gloss)

NAP-006 Distant Castle in a low lustre (slightly less glossy than satin, but with slightly more sheen than a regular flat)